This age-old method harmonizes your energy circulation and facilitates muscle relaxation.

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Relieve stress and muscle tension with the Thai Massage, skillfully administered by our expert therapists. A time-honored massage art, it incorporates stretching techniques across your body.

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    Sanitas Classical Massage

    Experience complete muscle relaxation with the Sanitas signature massage. Achieving profound calm through gentle yet assertive strokes, this massage enhances blood flow and eases muscle tightness. Beyond physical relief, your spirit too will be rejuvenated, basking in the tranquility this massage imparts.

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      Drawing from the age-old Indian traditions of holistic health, Liberty Lykia Adults Only presents Ayurveda as a harmonious blend of relaxation and rejuvenation. Honed over 5,000 years, this comprehensive healing practice aims to synchronize body, soul, and consciousness. Guided by our expert therapists, indulge in treatments that invigorate as much as they soothe, all infused with fragrant essential oils. Accompanied by serene melodies, this therapy transports you to a realm of profound tranquility.

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        Traditional Bali Massage

        Drawing inspiration from the pristine beauty of Bali, this distinctive massage refreshens both body and spirit. In this non-oil approach, our therapists invigorate circulation by activating the body's energy nodes. As you rest clothed on a plush futon bed, our seasoned practitioners amplify the vitality flow throughout your physique. Gentle touches combined with pressure on specific energy points lead to profound relaxation, both in body and mind. This Balinese massage not only realigns your body's energy but also revitalizes your mind, leaving you feeling unburdened, revitalized, and energized.

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          Thai Massage

          Get rid of your stress and muscle pain with Thai Massage applied by our master therapists. This is an ancient and traditional art of massage supported by stretching techniques throughout your entire body. This special technique, practiced since ancient times, optimizes your energy flow and allows your muscles to relax.