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Our convention center at Liberty Lykia Adults Only offers the perfect setting for your next event. This unique venue brings together technology and professionalism with its large and bright spaces, while also inviting you to an impressive experience with its various fascinating views.

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At Liberty Lykia Adults Only, our conference rooms provide an ideal blend of technology and comfort for your upcoming meeting. Catering exclusively to adults, this distinctive venue boasts roomy, well-lit spaces equipped with top-tier audio-visual amenities and captivating scenic vistas.

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    Mevlana Meeting Hall

    Liberty Lykia Adults Only

    Mevlana Hall, a standout venue within the Liberty Lykia Adults Only Congress Center, beckons you for an exclusive adult-centric experience. Capable of accommodating 1,000 attendees, Mevlana Hall is spacious and technologically advanced. Its transparent glass design floods the space with natural light, presenting unparalleled vistas. Benefit from seamless audio and video connectivity, ensuring your presentations and conferences are of the highest caliber, courtesy of our hall's top-notch facilities.

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      Yunus Emre Meeting Hall

      Liberty Lykia Adults Only

      With its distinct venue, ranking as the second-largest partitionable hall in our hotel, boasts cutting-edge equipment. Adaptable to various seating configurations to cater to diverse events, every nuance of the hall is meticulously crafted. This attention to detail ensures you can concentrate solely on your presentation.

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