Beach & Pools

Deep blue waters, lively beaches, and the magnificent feeling of being free… Enjoy sun-soaked bliss at sparkling pools and clean beaches. Liberty Lykia Adults Only is the place to unwind and have fun, or just relax and enjoy the sun.

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Liberty Lykia Main Pool

During the summer heat, you can cool off by swimming in the panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the magnificent Babadağ Mountain, or sip your cocktail while enjoying the sun by the pool.

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Silence Pool

If you want to rest and relax in a quiet environment, you can choose the quiet pool area. You can watch the unique view from our infinity pool while enjoying this peaceful place with your favorite drink. Sarpedon Silent Pool is exclusive to our guests over the age of 16.

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Enjoy a privileged experience for adults only at our Liberty Lykia Adults Only beach, located in an atmosphere where silence reigns and only the sound of nature accompanies your sea pleasure.

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Main Pool

Whether you want to relax by swimming or sunbathing in the large pool of iberty Lykia Adults Only, this area is an ideal spot to socialize. Pleasant times spent by the pool with your lover or friends are waiting for you.

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Sarpedon Relaxation Pool (+16)

Sarpedon Infinity Pool is a perfect choice for those looking for a quiet and peaceful escape. We offer all our guests over the age of 16 the feeling of swimming in the Mediterranean, with the pool's extraordinary ambiance and endless sea view.

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Tlos Pool

For those who want to swim in a lush green forest, you can enjoy relaxing in the heated Tlos Pool. A warm experience awaits you.

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Indoor Pool

A cosy and relaxing atmosphere awaits you at the Liberty Lykia Adults Only indoor pool.

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Main Pool