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The Doors of a Colorful Adventure Open at Liberty Lykia!

Located in the world-famous tourism destination Ölüdeniz, Liberty Lykia welcomes you with a magnificent view in 400 acres of untouched nature. In this unique place, your children will experience their own unique adventures while your every moment is filled with colorful enthusiasm. We bring colors to your holiday experience with heavenly playgrounds specially designed for children and a private beach for our little guests. Your dream holiday becomes reality at Liberty Lykia!

Discover Freedom

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At Liberty Lykia, the comfortable and peaceful atmosphere of each room, combined with the magnificent Mediterranean or mountain views, offers an unforgettable holiday experience with room types of different sizes. In the colorful world of Liberty Lykia, you will enjoy a special accommodation and magnificent view at all times.

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    Restaurants & Bars

    A festival of taste that appeals to every sense

    Liberty Lykia's restaurants and bars serving world cuisines offer an unforgettable taste journey that will leave a mark on your holiday memories. This magnificent gastronomic experience promises you a holiday full of excellent tastes and unforgettable memories.

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    Beach & Pools

    Liberty Lykia's pools with panoramic Mediterranean views are ideal for a refreshing swimming experience; Its natural beaches offer unlimited opportunities to sunbathe and enjoy swimming in this colorful world.

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    A World that Is Run by the Children

    Experiencing your holiday in a special Children's Paradise, tailored for kids of all ages and filled with entertaining activities and services, is bound to be thrilling. In this wonderful world where freedom and fun reign supreme, a unique and memorable adventure awaits your children!

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    Meeting & Organization

    Liberty Lykia Congress Center was designed in perfect harmony with nature.
    This unique place, which offers a breathing atmosphere with sea, forest and mountain views with its concept of glass architecture, hosts congress and meeting halls bearing the names of valuable thinkers, artists, poets and scientists. The events you will hold in these halls equipped with modern technology will combine technology and offer the highest level of meeting experience.

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    Every moment is worth celebrating like a colorful treasure; make them unforgettable! Liberty Lykia will be your stop for a celebration as you wish. The most important day of your life will be crowned with a unique experience here.

    Live your dream by choosing the unique environment you wish that will make your wedding night or your most special moments unforgettable. By the pool with a panoramic Mediterranean view, on the magnificent beach on the edge of blue, in exclusive and specially designed ballrooms or in greenery that offers the opportunity for a countryside wedding by combining the sea and green; Crown your happiness exactly the way you want. In addition to stylish and elegantly designed spaces; Add flavor to your happiest day with delicious treats, snacks and menus prepared by master chefs.