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A person can be many things

At times, distinguishedly stylish 
Other times, extremely colourful
Occasionally, exceptionally energetic
Utterly sophisticated Or remarkably joyful Like we already said,
A person can be many things But here,
In Liberty, one is always free Liberty Hotels



A hotel for everyone

  • Liberty Signa Oteller Card

    Liberty Signa

    Fethiye, Muğla

    Located on the charming coast of the Turkish Riviera, Liberty Signa welcomes you with impressive elegance. Surrounded by the magic of nature, this gracious paradise combines unique elegance and freedom, offering its guests an unforgettable experience.

  • Liberty Fabay Anasayfa Card

    Liberty Fabay

    Fethiye, Muğla

    Liberty Fabay, where an assertive architecture meets the magnificent view of the Islands, is a magnificent holiday experience in harmony with the Mediterranean texture.

  • Liberty Lykia Anasayfa Card

    Liberty Lykia

    Fethiye, Muğla

    Located in the world-famous tourism destination Ölüdeniz, Liberty Lykia offers a panoramic view within 400 acres of untouched nature.

  • Liberty Adutls Only Anasayfa Card

    Liberty Lykia Adults Only

    Fethiye, Muğla

    The desired calmness or adventure for adults at the foothills of Babadağ is at Liberty Lykia Adults Only... A natural paradise with magnificent views, unique nature embracing shades of blue and green, and turquoise sea.

  • Liberty Lara Anasayfa Card

    Liberty Lara

    Lara, Antalya

    Liberty Lara, where joy and happiness will accompany every moment, promises an unforgettable holiday where you will enjoy the sun and the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean.

  • Liberty Kusadasi Card

    Liberty Kuşadası

    Kuşadası, Aydın

    UNESCO World Heritage, its restaurants where world cuisines come together, its ambiance that integrates with a perfect view, and its many options such as golf.


    Different Holiday Experiences

    Life at Liberty

    • Liberty Hotels Anasayfa Deneyimler Card 2

      Ancient Bread

      The taste from the past to the present is at Liberty! Experience our delicious ancient bread prepared from einkorn wheat with a history of 7 thousand years grown in the fertile lands of Anatolia. These historical breads, which are prepared with yeast taken from a 150-year-old baker family from Bodrum, are offered to our guests with their originality and naturalness in all our meals.

    • Liberty Hotels Deneyimler Card7

      Butterfly Garden

      We created a butterfly garden at Liberty Lycia with the inspiration from the butterflies in our logo. We offer the opportunity to observe various butterfly species in this unique experience. Butterflies are enchanting creatures known as magnificent works of art of nature with their colorful wings and elegant flights. You can have an unforgettable nature experience and discover the impressive world of butterflies in the butterfly garden at Liberty Lycia.

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      We adopt a sustainable approach without posing harm to the environment, with the delicious Ancient Bread we produce from einkorn wheat, which has a history of 7 thousand years and grows in the fertile lands of Anatolia. We also contribute to sustainability with our environmentally friendly straws made from Grechka, Karakılçık, and Einkorn wheat stems.

    • Liberty Hotels Anasayfa Deneyimler Card 3

      Journey into History: The Lycian Way

      The Lycian Way is one of the famous long-distance walking trails of Turkey, designed to explore the historical and natural beauties of the Ancient Lycia region. This walking route, which was first opened in 1999, extends from Fethiye to Antalya and covers a distance of approximately 500 kilometers. Those who keep track of this path, which introduces the followers to historical ruins from the ancient period, unique landscapes, and rich flora, have the opportunity to follow the traces of the ancient civilization and culture of Lycia.

      Among the ancient ruins on the trail are significant ancient cities such as Xanthos, Patara, Olympos, Lycian rock tombs, and theaters. These historical riches provide hikers with information about the heritage of the Lycian civilization and transform the trail into an open-air museum.

      The Lycian Way harbors not only to history and culture but also to rich biodiversity and magnificent sea views. This hiking route offers a unique experience for nature lovers, history enthusiasts, and adventure seekers.

    • Liberty Hotels Anasayfa Deneyimler Card 4

      Adrenaline and Freedom

      Babadağ, which harbors the uniquely beautiful views of Fethiye, bears the story of thousands of years and it has become an adventure valley full of adrenaline today.

      This unique geography, which carries the traces of the Lycians and Persians in ancient times, still appears to us today with its winds that smell of history. Located at a point where the Lycian Way also passes, Babadağ turns the paragliding experience of the area into a historical journey.

      Doğa offers her recital in Babadağ. When you meet the sky, the clear waters and sandy beaches of Ölüdeniz below Fethiye extend before your eyes. Paragliding from Babadağ, combined with the cool breezes of the Aegean Sea, almost paints a picture of freedom.

      Rising in the heart of Fethiye, Babadağ offers an unforgettable paragliding experience by combining the magic of history and nature. Paragliding from Babadağ is a magnificent meeting of history, nature, and the things you feel.

    • Liberty Hotels Deneyimler Card5

      A Quiet Exploration Under Water

      The blue waters of the Mediterranean and the Aegean offer a fascinating diving experience with not only the beauty of the sun and the sea but also the mysterious depths of their waters.

      Fethiye is a diving paradise that stands out particularly with its nature and historical riches. Diving in the clear waters of Ölüdeniz reveals a world full of colorful coral reefs, exotic fish, and mysterious shipwrecks. This unique atmosphere, where history and nature combine during diving, represents a unique experience offered by Fethiye. If you want to open up to the magical kingdom of the underwater world, be ready for an adventure in the clear waters of Liberty!

    • Liberty Hotels Deneyimler Card6

      Sea, Sun, and Golf

      Liberty Kuşadası hosts a special golf opportunity that offers an unforgettable experience for golf aficionados. Located in a spectacular natural landscape, the golf course promises a perfect ground for golf lovers with its modern design and high-standard course.

      The 18-hole golf course in the championship standard was designed by Jose Canales Galvez Mas Golf Uno Golf Design. With its stunning views over the Aegean Sea and the National Park, the championship course is a fully equipped Golf Academy offering a variety of lessons and programs for individuals, couples, and groups. There are suitable training facilities for national teams, professionals, and amateurs, alongside comfortable changing rooms, a cozy bar and restaurant area, and a flamboyant Clubhouse.

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      Meeting & Organization

      Liberty Hotel is a place where collaboration and creativity thrive. It is your alliance for productivity and success.

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      Liberty Hotels presents the best amenities for your special days. Have an unforgettable occasion at the coastal Türkiye.

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