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Confusion Point of Sun, Sea and Happiness

Liberty Lara promises an unforgettable holiday where every moment will be accompanied by joy, in the warm lights of the sun and the embracing atmosphere of the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. With its modern architecture and satisfaction-oriented service approach, Liberty Lara is a holiday paradise designed for your happiness.

Discover Freedom

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Restaurant & Bar

Food is a way to connect with different cultures, try new flavors and create unforgettable memories. That's why Liberty Lara creates unique tastes inspired by different taste experiences. Enjoy the gastronomic freedom offered by Liberty Lara in its entertaining world.

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Beach and Pools

You are invited to Liberty Lara to sunbathe by a sparkling pool and have fun moments while enjoying the sun. In addition to the pools where you can feel free, Liberty Lara also has a children's pool where our little guests can have fun.

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Libby & Berty Kids Club

Your children are extremely happy here! How about adding a touch to your children's education and development? At Liberty Lara, our mini club, full of colorful games, fun activities and various children's shows, invites your children to an unforgettable holiday adventure. Here, your children will experience unforgettable moments where they will make new friends and develop their imagination, in an environment where they have fun while learning, and they will always be free.

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Meeting & Organization

You will experience the joy of productivity and discovering new ideas in Liberty Lara meeting rooms. Add a special touch to your meetings here. Lively minds will meet and new ideas will awaken with coffee breaks and refreshments.

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Every moment is worth celebrating like a colorful treasure; make them unforgettable! Liberty Lara will be your stop for a celebration as you wish. The most important day of your life will be crowned with a unique experience here.

Live your dream by choosing the unique environment you wish that will make your wedding night or your most special moments unforgettable. By the pool with a panoramic Mediterranean view, on the magnificent beach on the edge of blue, in exclusive and specially designed ballrooms or in greenery that offers the opportunity for a countryside wedding by combining the sea and green; Crown your happiness exactly the way you want. In addition to stylish and elegantly designed spaces; Add flavor to your happiest day with delicious treats, snacks and menus prepared by master chefs.