Turkish Bath

The meticulously crafted Anatolian Bath immerses you in the treasures of Turkish heritage.

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In this distinctive oasis, enticing scents and gentle mists envelop you, transporting you to the era of the great sultans. On the classic central stone, our skilled bath specialist rejuvenates your skin through an exfoliating ritual and eases muscle tension by enhancing blood flow. Subsequently, a foamy treatment revitalizes your skin, and a bespoke massage using fragrant oils deepens your sense of calm. The Anatolian Bath journey at Liberty Lykia provides detoxification, skin revitalization, and profound tranquility. We invite you to join in this unparalleled retreat.

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    Special Hammam Ritual

    Dive deep into the genuine Anatolian tradition with our Exclusive Hammam Ritual. As you unwind on the warm central stone, the scent of exotic oils and soaps will whisk you away, while our ütherapists purify your skin. Beyond spiritual cleansing, this ritual promotes physical health by enhancing blood circulation and soothing muscle tension.

    Elevate the experience with the "Pasha Treatment"; envelop your body in scented bubbles. Following this effervescent soak, indulge in a massage that embodies total relaxation. Our bath expert then delivers a comprehensive massage using fragrant oils and hammam-specific techniques, culminating your session by focusing on your head, hands, and feet. Join us at Liberty Lykia Adults Only for this unparalleled indulgence.

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      Bride & Groom Hammam

      With our bridal bath ritual, we ensure you'll radiate on your big day. This exclusive bath ceremony rejuvenates not just your physical condition, but also revives your spirit. Post a session in the sauna and steam bath, our adept therapists tend to your body with aromatic oils and soaps. Beyond its luxurious feel, this ritual also offers healthful advantages, such as improved blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

      Following the massage, a delightful surprise awaits you in our relaxation chamber: indulge in fresh fruits, traditional Ottoman Sherbet, and calming herbal brews. Join us at Liberty Lykia Adults Only Bride & Groom Hammam for this unparalleled and distinguished treat.