Indulge your body and spirit in this ideal escape, ensuring you emerge rejuvenated and revitalized.

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Experience the soothing embrace of therapeutic mineral waters in an exclusive adults-only setting.

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    Abhyangal is a massage tailored to your body's unique composition. This time-honored method activates the chakra pathways within you, harmonizing both blood and energy flow. Consequently, it fortifies and enhances your body's overall vitality and resilience.

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      Abhyangal Senkron Kraliçe Masajı (4 el)

      Emerging from the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda, this distinct massage technique harmonizes your body's energy flow and sharpens mental focus. Maha Abhyanga involves a synchronized four-hand massage. This exceptional method stimulates all the chakras or energy hubs in your body. It invigorates the body, fosters spiritual tranquility, and fosters inner equilibrium. Additionally, it fortifies the nervous system, purifies, and rejuvenates cellular metabolism. This profoundly soothing session is perfect for those seeking a respite from daily pressures.

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        Shirodhara delicately flows over the "Ajna" and "Sahasrara" chakras (located on the forehead and crown of the head), centering on one's energy core. This specialized treatment aims to diminish stress, combat insomnia, and address headaches. Crafted for your well-being, it offers a holistic mental and physical cleanse.

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          Shiroabhyanga melds the age-old wisdom of the Abhyanga massage, a cornerstone of Ayurvedic tradition, with the distinctive oils of Shirodhara. Beyond calming your nervous system, this massage amplifies mental clarity and harmonizes your body's energies, guiding you towards inner serenity.

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            Shiatsu, translating to "finger pressure," is rooted in the timeless Japanese massage tradition. Under the care of our skilled practitioners, this distinctive massage enhances the circulation of the vital energy called "Chi" or "Ki", harmonizing the energy channels in your body. Specific points are targeted during Shiatsu to promote an unhindered flow of your intrinsic energy. Conducted over your attire and comfortably on the ground, this equilibrium-focused method provides both bodily and emotional tranquility.

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              Yağsız Bali Masaj

              Experience a serene massage conducted on a futon mat, with you in relaxed attire. Our skilled therapists enhance your physical and mental well-being by precisely targeting the energy nodes within your body. This distinctive session thoroughly rejuvenates you, harmonizing your energy equilibrium. Traditional Balinese touches transport you to a state of profound relaxation and vitality renewal.

                La-Stone Terapi

                Experience deep relaxation with La-Stone Therapy, inspired by ancient Native American healing methods. Our expert therapists perform an intense massage by placing hot basalt and cold marble stones on the energy points of the body. This technique dissolves stubborn tensions by increasing blood circulation. At the end of the session, you will feel wonderful, deep peace and harmony in your body and mind.