Live your dream by choosing the unique environment you wish that will make your wedding night or your most special moments unforgettable. By the pool with a panoramic Mediterranean view, on the magnificent beach on the edge of blue, in exclusive and specially designed ballrooms or in greenery that offers the opportunity for a countryside wedding by combining the sea and green; Crown your happiness exactly the way you want. In addition to stylish and elegantly designed spaces; Add flavor to your happiest day with delicious treats, snacks and menus prepared by master chefs.

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Imagine your wedding day at one of our exquisite venues. Will it be on the golden sands of our pristine beach, with your bare feet in the warm, soft sand? Or perhaps by the infinity pool? You could even exchange vows on our impressive pier, with the soothing sounds of the sea as your backdrop.

Say "Yes!" to your lover in a breathtaking setting where the Mediterranean Sea stretches beyond the horizon and the sun sets in a stunning display of colors, creating the perfect atmosphere for your special day. Our Liberty Lykia wedding team is dedicated to weaving your love story into the fabric of these locations, ensuring an experience that transcends expectations.

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Crafting Your Dream Wedding

The Liberty Lara, wedding team will transform your dreams into a colorful and captivating reality. Whether you envision a grand affair, an intimate gathering, or a vow renewal ceremony, we craft customized weddings to your desires.

After you say "Yes!" to your new life together, our talented chefs will create a memorable banquet to your delight. The cuisine is prepared with the same care and attention you put into your relationship, ensuring that every bite reflects your love.

At Liberty Lara, your wedding will be etched in your memories forever as a reflection of your love. Make your Liberty Lara reservations today, and let us help you create a love story that will be told for generations.

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