Spa & Wellbeing

A unique relaxation experience that will give peace to your soul.

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At the Liberty Lara Hotel, we invite our guests to indulge in a distinctive relaxation journey, drawing from Asia's deep-rooted massage heritage. With our skilled therapists, you can experience various massage techniques, including foot reflexology, stone, shiatsu, chocolate, Bali, Thailand, and Ayurveda. Refresh your body and soul with these special treatments.

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Body Care

Experience the best combination of serenity and energy at Liberty Lara. From tropical peeling to massage with special aroma oils, our experts offer you a wide range of special care services such as lymphatic massage, anticellulite massage, G5 body care, and seaweed baths. We are waiting for you to have an unforgettable spa experience since a special moment of renewal for you begins here.

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Skin Care

At Liberty Lara, experienced therapists bring you the most effective products and techniques to give your skin a healthy glow. From facial care to peeling, massage, and body treatments, we offer a special experience for everyone.

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Turkish Bath

Leave your stress behind and refresh your skin and soul with the softening effect of steam and exotic aromas. Experience a historical experience in this special place designed with touches of Anatolian culture. While your body is carefully cleansed with hot water and steam in the Turkish Bath, accelerate your blood circulation with peeling. After the Turkish bath ritual, feel all the pores of your body breathe again.

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The skilled hands of a Liberty Lara hairdresser can transform your hair from ordinary to spectacular. Whether you are looking for a simple touch or a complete transformation, you can be sure that our hairdresser will create the look that will make you feel your best.

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When you step into the Liberty Lara sauna, the warmth will envelop you, relaxing your muscles and soothing your mind. Immerse yourself in the warmth and relaxing aromas of essential oils and you will feel your whole body and mind rejuvenated.

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Free Services

Sauna, Turkish Bath, Relaxation area, Indoor Swimming Pool and Gym.

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Payable Services

Doctor, Massages and exfoliating scrub, SPA and Wellness Center Services and Hairdresser.