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Amyntas Rock Tombs

Amyntas Rock Tombs

If you’re interested in history, the Fethiye Museum hosts an incredible collection of artefacts spanning the Bronze age all the way up to the Roman Period, including the ‘Trilingual Stele’, which bears identical inscriptions in Greek, Lycian and Aramaic and was key in deciphering the Lycian language. The fourth-century BC Amyntas Rock Tombs, located close to the city are also not to be missed.

Decent beaches near Fethiye include Fethiye Sahil, Calis Beach and the quieter Karatas Beach, as well as the fabulous Blue Lagoon, and the rougher pebble cove of Kıdrak. Thanks to the 2,000-metre mountain known as Babadag nearby, the town is also a good base for paragliding and it’s also the start (or end) point of the Lycian Way. Butterfly Valley, and the uninhabited island of Gemiler can also both be visited by boat from Fethiye.

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