• Liberty Adults Only Ucretsiz Aktiviteler Yoga Card

Aerobic Activities


Yoga is known for its unifying power in the physical and mental realms. At Liberty Lykia Adults Only, we present exclusive yoga experiences that allow you to escape daily pressures and fully embrace your vacation. Experience the tranquility of practicing yoga beneath the whispering pine trees, with the soft rhythmic lapping of sea waves as your background music, all under the guidance of our skilled instructors. Whether you are a yoga novice or a seasoned practitioner, you will discover a haven of peace and bodily harmony at Liberty Lykia Adults Only.


At Liberty Lykia Adults Only, immerse yourself in pilates classes that enhance your vacation experience. Whether before a wholesome morning meal or for an afternoon energy boost, delve into the advantages of pilates. With the guidance of our adept instructors, familiarize yourself with pilates' signature poses to ensure spinal well-being, posture, and body balance. Seize the chance to refresh both mind and physique within the tranquil setting of Liberty Lykia Adults Only.


At Liberty Lykia Adults Only, we present sea-facing step-aerobics sessions for adults eager to blend sportiness into their vibrant holiday. These sessions provide an enjoyable avenue to tone muscles, enhance heart health, and shed calories. Dive into step-aerobics, a globally favored group fitness activity, led daily by our seasoned instructors with fresh choreography.


At Liberty Lykia Adults Only, we invite you to exclusive Stretching sessions designed to elongate your muscles and invigorate your physique. These sessions are an ideal antidote to daily tensions, refreshing your vigor. Enhance muscle flexibility and function by focusing on particular muscle areas. Engage in this soothing and revitalizing experience, set to serene tunes, under the guidance of our expert instructors.

Flexi Bar

Relax your muscle groups and release energy from your body by stretching on flexi bars. You can improve your mind-body connection by participating in flexi bar group exercises.


This class is developed for Liberty Lykia guests who want something different from the classic group fitness classes. The X-co machine, which weighs only 600 grams, will help you work on different muscle groups under the guidance of our instructors.

Body Work Out

At Liberty Lykia Adults Only, we curate a holistic fitness journey, ensuring your vacation is always the best. Dive into our tailored body workout sessions in our fitness center that includes synergizing cardio, strength, and stamina exercises. With a blend of bodyweight exercises and equipment like dumbbells and bars, these classes invigorate you, setting a dynamic tone for your day.