• Liberty Lykia Ucretli Akvitiler Su Sporlari Card


Fly Board

Fly boarding is a type of jet-pack/hover board which supplies propulsion to drive the Fly-board through the water to perform a sport known as fly-boarding. After a few attempts, you can begin to fly like James Bond or the birds, and begin to dive around like dolphins.

Jet Ski

The Liberty Lykia offers you a Jet ski experience in the spacious circuit in front of the resort complex. Our experienced staff will show you how to use the jet skis in an easy and safe way.

Power Boat

A 10-meter, 15 Horse Power polyester boat, with a music system. A super-fast boat with a canopy for protection against the sun. The power boat can take up to a maximum of 10 people.

James Bond Safari

Offers a jeep safari experience customized for the sea. It has a fast, adrenaline-filled tour option that includes different routes.

Rhino Boat Safari

As a sea-adapted version of ATV engines, it offers the opportunity to ride on 2-person inflatable boats. With a guide, you have two different route options depending on wave and wind conditions.