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Arts & Crafts Work Shop

Our guests can take advantage of the many activities on offer such as hand craft and artistic activities at our VaDesign arts work shop.

The activities available are;

Oil painting classes.

Silk painting

Painting T-shirts and bag. You can begin by choosing the outline of a picture or design and applying it onto a T-shirt or bag using serigraphy or screen printing method.

Pottery classes.

Painting onto ceramics and wood.

You can write you name and the name of your partner on the padlock and hang it on our ‘Bridge of Love’.

Making models - You can make a mould of your children’s or family members hands.

The Ottoman Art of marbling onto silk.

Drawing a 3 Dimensional Picture using a 3 D pen.

Making virtual reality glasses out of cardboard.

Drawing a Picture with virtual reality glasses.

Sand Painting.

Drawing Portraits Excavation and archaeological discovery games.

There are many more arts/crafts activities both you and your children can do at our workshop and you can take yo