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Pool Activities

Water Gymnastics

Ideal workouts for guests who do not want to exert too much energy during their holiday yet still want to be in close proximity to the pool activities. You will enjoy plenty of fun as our instructors will challenge you by using the waters resistance. We look forward to seeing you at the Main Pool.

Aqua Jump - Spin

Catch the rhythm of the music with professional water-compatible equipment under the guidance of expert instructors.

Water Polo

Two teams, a ball and a pool which enjoys amazing views. Our entertainments team look forward to meeting up with you at our main pool twice a day for you to participate in this institutional, yet never dated activity.

Pool Games

Sometimes there will be team games, individual games, games with surf-boards, or games using inflatable objects. The entire entertainments team will stage a host of enjoyable games ensuring you will not get bored. Whether you are participating in our games, or watching the contests from the comfort of your sun lounger, the most enjoyable moments of the day begins in the main pool.