A unique relaxation experience that will give peace to your soul.

  • Liberty Lykia Masaj Bannerm


Based on ancient Indian healing rituals, Ayurveda has been refined over more than 5000 years. Our talented specialists will massage your body with exotic essential oils, and the whole experience, combined with music, will leave you feeling purified.

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Liberty Lykia Spa Klasik Masaji

Sanitas Classic Massage

Relax as you feel all of your muscles and body massaged with sensitive, yet firm touches. This massage regulates the blood flow and relaxes all of your muscle contractions.

Liberty Lykia Spa Geleneksel Masaji

Traditional Bali Massage

A soft yet firm massage, aimed towards harmonizing all of your internal systems. You will feel immensely relaxed as our therapist pours special natural oils on your body, administered by necessary strokes and stretching movements.

Liberty Lykia Spa Mandara Masaji

Mandara Massage

Mandara is a soothing massage, done by two talented specialists using two different ancient Bali massage techniques in unity. This massage, just like the Bali massage, originates from the Indonesian region of “Bali”.
Liberty Lykia Spa Wellbeing Masaj Card (1)

Asian Deep Therapy Massage

This one is a different version of Bali massage, using more pressure. The therapist will also be using their arms to massage various body points, making you feel relaxed during and after the massage.

Liberty Lykia Spa Tai Masaji

Thai Massage

Get rid of your stress and muscle aches with the help of our skilled therapists, using Thai Massage. This is an ancient, traditional massage art, further augmented by applying stretching techniques on your whole body.

Liberty Lykia Spa La Stone Card

La-Stone Theraphy

Get rid of your body and mind aches with our skilled therapists, using traditional American Indian healing techniques. As warm and cold stones are placed in certain points on your body, it will help circulate the blood flow, providing healing and circulating your energy.