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Water Sports

Immerse yourself in a realm of exhilarating activities, from the thrill of jet-skiing to the soaring heights of flyboarding, and from the exploratory excitement of the Rhino Boat Safari to the adrenaline-filled escapades of the James Bond Safari.

Jet Ski

Speed and freedom meet the waves!

Embark on a memorable jet skiing journey along the expansive and thrilling waterways. Our skilled team is on hand to guide you through the simple and secure operation of a jet ski. Catering to novices and seasoned riders alike, this adventure promises an exhilarating blend of adrenaline and enjoyment on the water.

Kids In Action

Big Adventure for Little Sailors!

Kids In Action program invites children to a fun-filled sea adventure! Little sailors of certain age groups go to sea in groups by motorboat and have the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments on the water.

Motor Boat Sea Tour: Children can enjoy the sea with a motorboat accompanied by trained guides.

Parasailing Experience: Children can enjoy the joy of gliding on the water while experiencing the excitement of parasailing in pairs or trios.

Fun Moments on the Water: Little sailors embark on a pleasant adventure full of water sports, enjoying the fun and excitement in a safe environment.

Kids In Action program turns holidays into an unforgettable adventure with exciting activities where children can burn off their energy, make new friends, and create unforgettable memories at sea!

Other Activities

Enhance your vacation with a variety of water sports that are sure to ignite your passion for other activities. These include the thrills of water skiing, the group enjoyment of banana boating, and the sky-high excitement of parasailing. 

Water skiing delivers a rush for those who crave speed and thrill on the ocean, while banana boating is perfect for an engaging and lively group experience on the waves, making it ideal for families and friends. These activities are designed to give you unexpected and delightful experiences, both in the refreshing sea and the vastness of the sky.


Push your limits!

Flyboard is an innovative device that has transformed aquatic sports. This gear is engineered to power the exhilarating activity of fly-boarding on water. With just a few attempts, you will find yourself soaring like a spy movie hero or gracefully gliding like a bird. It even allows for underwater adventures, just like a dolphin's dive.

Power Boat

Conquer the waters and enjoy the speed!

Are you ready to rule the waters with Power Boat? Enjoy adrenaline-filled moments while dancing in the waves. Now, it is time to chase strong waves and freedom...

Rhino Boat Safari

Challenge the waves and enjoy the adventure!

Rhino Boat Safari is a custom-made inflatable craft built for sea exploration. Powered by all-terrain vehicle (ATV) engines, this innovative vessel features a design reminiscent of a jet ski, which accommodates two passengers and is fitted with a 9.9 horsepower engine for smooth sailing. Participants navigate the craft themselves, utilizing a steering wheel for easy control.